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Appraisal for listing price. 

Important Information For Anyone Selling Their Home

You’ve cleaned the carpets, straightened out the closets, painted the interior, trimmed the hedges and the unmistakable aroma of freshly baked bread is wafting throughout your home. Your house is ready to sell. Great ... But do you have a Reasonable Selling Price?

Do not overprice. The first few weeks of marketing your home are very important. Seasoned buyers, who have been looking steadily (many have already sold their home and are ready to buy), have learned the market well. Price your home reasonably and be flexible with various terms such as immediate vacancy, repairing small items, accomodating appointment times, assisting with buyers closing costs, etc...

Explore The Market: It is not unusual for a seller to not research his or her own market and have a price in mind. After several weeks/months of trying to sell the home being frustrated that buyers are not interested. Pricing a home within your current market is important when selling a home.  Realistic terms and conditions are very important when looking to sell a home. It is frustrating to have life plans around selling a home and later realizing the home might not ever sell at the desired price.

Can a Appraiser Help? Having an appraiser either give an opinion of market value or a estimate of price recommendation (Two different things.)  It is often desired to have an independant person look at the market and assist in determining an appropriate asking price. Market value opinions can be provided in a traditional manner with a summary appraisal report or in many cases estimates of price recommendation can be provided at a reduced cost.  Consider an appraisal for listing price assistance.

An overpriced home sitting vacant can cost a seller substantial cost each month in real estate taxes, insurance, mortgage interest, utility costs while showing, etc... An underpriced home can cost a seller dearly when considering what 2-5% of a homes value is in actual dollars. An appraisal report or Price estimate can greatly aid a homeseller. Valuation indicators such as online valuation estimates, assessor's valuation, what my neighbor thinks or outdated market data can be dangerous to your wallet.

Good luck and remember, above all, don't overprice!!



Residential Services Appraisal Company provides many appraisal services for homeowners.  This includes in Illinois & Missouri appraisals for listing price. 


James S. Graner

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 Real Estate Appraiser



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Appraisal for selling a house

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