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 Reasons Why You Should Choose Residential Services Whenever You Or Your Clients Need The Services of A Professional Real Estate Appraiser

Significant benefits that you would receive by allowing us to handle your appraisal needs.

Friendly and Detailed Service
Communication with you is very important! Frequent status reports are always part of our service. There is always an understanding that you and your clients need a level of service that has understanding of what the needs are. Reports are sent by electronic delivery or USPS priority mailing at your preference. Discussion of findings and an oral summary can be provided upon request.

Common Courtesy, Consideration and Compassion

Our mission is to provide the highest level of satisfaction with a friendly personal touch. Your satisfaction is always our highest goal.

As professional appraisers, it is our responsibility to deliver a well supported opinion of value on each property we appraise. We do not lose sight of the fact that your clients might have distress and have emotion towards the legal proceedings. You and your clients should never by subjected to any unnecessary turmoil created by rude, or otherwise inconsiderate, behavior from clerical staff or appraisers.

We go to great lengths to instill in every member of our team that we are a service organization first and foremost. Very often your clients are intimidated by the process of buying, selling, refinancing or obtaining a home equity loan. We understand the stress related to divorces, bankruptcies, estates and guardianships. We teach our entire staff to be very gentle with your clients, and to do everything possible to put them at ease. We insist on inspections that entail the entire structure and give your client the confidence that we will deliver credible results.

We do everything possible to insure that our appraisers and staff with common courtesy, consideration and compassion.

Flexible Appointment Scheduling

We are always accessible and offer your clients flexible scheduling - Saturday, Sunday, early morning and early evening (as long as enough light is available to take the necessary photos) appointments are available whenever requested by your clients. We never try to "browbeat" them into accepting a daytime weekday appointment (when they are likely to have to lose time from work). We feel that friendly service requires accomodating others.

Complex assignments never become a nightmare
because we have the experience.

Whenever there is a significant discrepancy between what you order and what our preliminary research or inspection reveals, you are contacted to notify you of the circumstance so we understand how to proceed. Sometimes unexpected items can significantly change the scope of an assignment.

How many times have you been set back days, or even weeks, because the wrong form was utilized or a report was completed in a way that does not match your needs and then you were forced to wait for several days or more while the appraiser grudgingly rewrote the appraisal to comply with the necessary requirements?

Consistently Rapid Turnaround - First Time and Every Time

Turnaround times will be quoted at the beginning of an assignment. You will find that the goals will be met.

Fair and Reasonable Fees

Very reasonable fees. Our fees reflect an understanding of a competitive market and client concerns of large overall costs.

Real Estate Appraisals for Any Purpose or Property

All types of real property - 1 to 4 family dwellings, Current value, past value or multiple valuation dates.

Any purpose - estate tax or settlement, mortgage, family situations, condemnation, certiorari/tax grievance, guardianship, partnership dissolution, to establish market value for sellers/buyers,

Preliminary research can be done at a minimal cost (Limited scope of work appraisals)  to determine whether a comprehensive report is necessary.

Please give us a call and try us out. All Area Affiliates stand behind and personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the quality of the work performed on our first assignment or any assignment that we ever undertake for you. Of course, we could never guarantee that we can meet a predetermined price, but we can perform a limited appraisal at minimal cost to determine the feasibility of a value.

Superior Service - Credible Reports You Can Trust


James S. Graner

 Certified Residential

 Real Estate Appraiser



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James S. Graner

 Certified Residential

 Real Estate Appraiser



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