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We perform Real Estate Appaisals in St Louis City, St Louis County, St Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, Warren County, Lincoln County. Appraisals for Litigation, Divorce, Estate, Real Estate Pricing Concerns, Mortgages, Reverse Mortgages, FHA Appraisals and Conventional Appraisals. Please allow us to service you.


Florissant, Missouri appraisers have many things to look at before determining an opinion of value. This is a diverse city with many different housing styles, four zip codes, several surrounding municipalities and several other things that might have an effect on any opinon of value.

Valuation reports in this area sometimes are challenging. Homes of this city often vary in size and construction from street to street, as small neighborhoods. An appraiser in Florissant, Missouri must be able to determine quality of construction for vaious homes and housing styles. Some homes are large and built recently, while other homes are under 800 square feet and without basements. There is no one size fits all in this town.




Appraisal services for many different needs. This includes FHA Appraisals in the St Louis Metropolitan Area. Please call on us for your needs for an appraisal in Florissant, MO.


James S. Graner

 Certified Residential

 Real Estate Appraiser



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